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Surface 3: the hybrid tablet smaller than Microsoft is renewed

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Surface 3: the hybrid tablet smaller than Microsoft is renewed

Surface 3: Goodbye Windows RT

The family Microsoft Surface collects products that depending on the personal perceptions may be defined as a tablet, or notebook, or even systems 2-in-1. In fact the range Surface neatly sum up, with its technical choices, what is the concept of a hybrid device that can adapt quickly to different modes of use depending on the needs and preferences of the user.

The family Surface has since the debut characterized by two distinct series of products. The Surface Pro, as the name leaves easily identify, consists of models based on x86 architecture that cater to those who come from the world of traditional notebook PC and seek a solution that is different although it could also be used like a notebook. The apk hacks, initially referred to as Surface RT, was instead based on x86 architecture but not ARM coming proposal to who was looking for a tablet for Windows characterized by high operating autonomy.

This split, effective on paper, it actually worked brilliantly for Microsoft. Surface Pro took time before picking a good commercial success: the first two editions identical external dimensions and characteristics, with the underlying hardware to be updated in the Surface Pro 2, were followed by Surface Pro 3 presented in May 2014 with a exterior design radically different and many new products that have tangibly increased productivity and functionality.

Surface RT, proposed in the initial version by the initials RT to emphasize the use of the operating system Windows 8 RT and refresh Surface 2 with the same OS and ARM architecture, has paid the choice of using the operating system Windows RT and resulting in the inability to use the traditional Windows applications in the world. Windows RT hack is characterized by the same interface of Windows 8 and can perform the APP in the Windows Store, a choice that has very limited margins of use than traditional x86 tablet with Windows 8 operating system.

And 'for this reason that the third generation of Surface Non Pro was launched by Microsoft only a few months ago, based on the amount of variations Pro x86 and Windows 8.1. This has brought about the definitive departure of Windows RT operating system as ambitious aimed to extend the Windows ecosystem also devices based on ARM architecture, but that due to the technical choices and the inability to perform the traditional Windows applications x86 It is revealed in all respects a failure.

Surface Pro 3 has introduced several new features compared to the first two editions of Surface Pro: increased external dimensions, has changed the pen provided in type and capabilities and the kickstand can be adjusted no longer default locations but depending on the level of inclination enjoyed by the user. Surface in 3 we find many of these innovations, Microsoft obviously wants to break away from that previous experience of Surface RT and Surface 2 showing how the family is now only based on OS Windows 8.1 hack, Windows 10 and in the future.

We find then a screen by the diagonal slightly higher, we pass from 10.6 inches to 10.8 inches, which however, acquires from Surface-Pro 3 the ratio of 3: 2 between the two sides to a final resolution of 1920x1280 pixels. The frame has a magnetic insert in correspondence of the base, so that the cover with keyboard can now be attached to the base so as occurs for the Pro model: this is also a change for the keyboards, exactly as was done for Surface Pro3, always available in different colors.

The kickstand is 3 predefined positions, choice that offers the level of flexibility of use of the system implemented in the Surface Pro 3 but which allows in this way to simplify the construction by reducing the final cost. The pen is the same provided with Surface Pro 3 but in this case only available as an accessory: it facilitates the use of Surface 3 for notes and memos, with the plus of the top button that enables the immediate start OneNote also Surface standby . Worth noting is the use of a micro-USB connector for charging the battery, a choice that allows you to recharge Surface 3 with one of the many power supplies provided with smartphones; the benefits in terms of ease of charging, however, collide with the limits of technology, which does not allow to provide a high quantity of Watt and that therefore obliged to recharge times longer than the standard. Completing the doors a mini Display Port, a USB 3.0 port and the mini jack for headphones.

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